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A Tryst with Digital… in Japan

I’ve been committed to my film cameras for some time, but at the end of a busy year, the thought of carrying 10-15 pounds of gear with me during the holiday was weighing heavy.

I decided to give digital another go for this trip…   (Photo cred to Hubs Pete halfway down!)

Tokyo, Lake Kawaguchi & Kyoto.  Enjoy…

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The End of 2014 | Photographs in Hiding

2014 proved to be a crazy and fun year.  The lack of posts as evidence of the crazy part.

Nothing is better than photographing the people you care about – friends, family, the places they live, or perhaps the most powerful – the places they once lived … before they left us.

While looking back on the year (and the tail end of 2013), I realized I had some shots in this category in the folder that never had a post but that were some of my favorites.

Admittedly non-technical at times, and in a few cases digital, here they are in all of their random disconnected-ness.

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An Education [Schoolhouse School]

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending “Schoolhouse School” at the Schoolhouse Electric building in NW Portland – It was an education in the fine arts of many many wonderful things, including:

~Coffee Making~ hosted by Ristretto Roasters . My husband was impressed when I made sure the french press had a nice “bloom” the following morning.

~Calligraphy~ by the lovely Maybelle Imasa . Ladies fly well across state lines to take her acclaimed courses.  Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart and she learned from {and has taught} the best in her field.

~Flower Arranging~ by Anna Mara Flowers .  The whole study area of Schoolhouse was overtaken with flowers, greens and anything you could imagine to include in the home-made centerpieces that we all took home.

~Table Setting~ by Commonwealth .  We made farbic buntings for the holidays (I regret not getting a shot of) and learned tips and tricks for seating guests, setting a table, party favors, etc.  They gave us mason jars of bourbon sugar as favors for attending.  I ate a spoonful of it later that night =X

~Lunch~  by BirdIsTheWord

~Cocktail Class~ by MeritBadge

In addition to Schoolhouse ladies, Thank you to Egg Press (Their office is in the same building as Schoolhouse – who knew there was all of this amazing space up there? )for co-organizing the event and for all of the letterpress goodies.









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Made and State [Portland Design Week]

My instagram is full of small but amazing brands.

Other than group texts with my girlfriends (occasionally dubbed “lunchtime finds” by Miss Megan Warren), It’s the one place I feel like I can go to get easy beautiful fast visual updates on all of the amazing products that are out there.

Enter Made and State – this site just may bankrupt me in a beautiful way.  The site seeks to gather a collection of artful “Made in the USA” products in one easy place.

Aside from the web presence, Made and State recently curated a show of some of their favorite stateside pieces – all presented in 4 separate apartments in the Pearl in Portland, Oregon.

My favorite part is at the end – enter two young sisters in a well designed room.

Hold on to your Stetsons…




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Kinfolk on Film [Portland Design Week]

One of the most visually beautiful magazine’s in print, Kinfolk, held an open house during PDX Design Week at their headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Photos of their space could take up an entire issue and was representative of the level of taste you find in the mag.  (“Kinfolk Living” spinoff anyone?)

Their website is also a rabbit whole of goodness – stories like “The Lone Wolf Weekend”, “Dutch Oven Apple Crisp”, “How to do Nothing” confront you upon entry.

Can’t say enough good things.

Enjoy the photos <3


















From the Hood to the Coast.

Great people, 198 miles running, epic scenery, testing the body’s limit without sleep, laughing til it hurts, fried chicken at breakfast, strangers, unofficial bathroom areas, beach, beer, sunset, curious lodge in the middle of nowhere, premium coffee.   Sore for days, would do it all over again.

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Instant Camera Experiment

A trip to Lancaster, PA…and a bad decision not to bring my camera bag.  This created a perfect opportunity for an instant camera experiment.

After seeing the surprisingly really sweet town of Lancaster, PA – I stopped by Coe Camera right downtown to pick up a few single use instant cameras for about $6 each.  Some chapstick and car key scratches on the lens + gentle cracking of the camera shell made for some fun results.

The indoor market they had downtown was one of the coolest food markets I’ve seen – a great mix of the amish offerings + a whole collection of other regional food specialities.   Check out info here…worth a trip –

Last three photos are from a beautiful wedding we attended in Lewisburg, PA.

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The Olmstead’s | Part 1 | Portland, Oregon Photography

Strap on your seat belts and your safety goggles, then brace yourself for an explosion of cute. I met the Olmstead’s at their house to capture a day of fun with Kelly, Adrian and their twin girls (cherubs), Q & R.   The girls got up from their nap and worked the camera like true professionals.

This whole shoot was a blast to capture. If you don’t have kids of your own yet but are thinking about it in the near future…  the Olmstead crew just might convince you to join the club.

Don’t miss…

1.) Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics led by master baby juggler, dad Adrian

2.) Twin puggies! Their squiggle tails make it in most of the shots.

3) “is it time to go?” words followed by the kids knowing to get mom’s purse

4.) what young woman can resist trying on their mom’s heels?

5.) Mom Kelly’s epic hair.

6.) Rihanna/fade baby hairstyle that actually just grew in like that.

7.) Who doesn’t love a good rabbit mask?


Part 2 of this shoot in video form is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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