Sirrah + John | Portland, Oregon Photography

To say that John and Sirrah are an amazing couple is an understatement.  And to say that I’m breaking some blog no-no’s by posting 60 photos on one subject is also an understatement… but I can’t help it.  I was lucky enough to photograph them this past weekend before they take the next huge step in their lives.  After meeting in college,  Sirrah devoted her life to family therapy and social work and John became engineer-turned-army-helicopter-pilot.  John recently got the nod from Wharton business school to come on down – so they are picking up their life in the pacific northwest and moving it all the way to Philadelphia.  See if you can spot some things in these photos: Insights into their life via their book collection, a grenade hand made in junior high – foreshadow much, an american flag made out of a special cedar that is no longer found in the US, a cavalry hat that has some crazy traditions behind it, a sabor (not to be called a sword).   You guys are the best !!!


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